Shiloh Parkerson, Madeline Tasquin & Hannah Levy 


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"Dear Someone" by Gillian Welch (arr. Red Molly)
"The First Time Again" – Sarabande Garage Sessions
"Naked & Free" – Sarabande Garage Sessions
"Naked &Free" – Live at The Independent, San Francisco
"Acorn & the Oak" – Live at Joshua Tree Music Festival
"Future Telephone" – title track of Madeline Tasquin's 2017 EP

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 A band called Sarabande

Imagine a freak teleportation accident in which the humor and harmony of The Boswell Sisters, the pop sensibilities of the Dirty Projectors, and the folksy vocal blend of Red Molly are fused into a vocal trio combining all of that music-DNA. The result might sound something like Canadian songwriter Madeline Tasquin's jazz-influenced folk-pop trio Sarabande, who have been wooing audiences since their first performances together in October 2016 in their San Francisco Bay Area home base.


Comprised of Alaskan Americana singer-songwriter Shiloh Parkerson (Shiloh & the Sun, formerly American Nomad) on vocals and flute, Massachusetts-born vocalist & bassist Hannah Levy (Kitka Ensemble, Little Arcs) and BC-born Tasquin at the helm on guitar, ukulele and keys, the trio is equal parts heart, harmony, and humor. Singing Madeline’s musically adventurous songs about everything from the cosmos to herbs to magical encounters with French wind gods to polyamory, the San Francisco Bay Area-based trio also sprinkles in their unique renditions of songs by Leonard Cohen, Sandy Denny, The Boswell Sisters, Serge Gainsbourg and even a doo-wop version of Drake’s top-40 hit “Too Good.”

Early in 2018, Madeline was helping her retired singer-performer mother with the project of sifting through archives of performance footage, when she came across one particular gem: a publicity flyer for Sarabande, a trio of women that her mother was a part of in the 1970s.

"The flyer read 'Elegance. Humour. Innovation. Beautiful music. Sarabande.' I got goosebumps – that's us!" Madeline recounts, "I knew we'd finally found our name"

To celebrate the release of Madeline's 2nd EP Future Telephone and Sarabande's first studio recording together, "The First Time Again," (coming July 2018) Sarabande brings their show on the road in Summer 2018 with a month-long run north from Oakland along the Pacific Coast as far north as Tasquin's homelands in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada. Tell your friends!

(Madeline's mother Patricia Schreiber on the right)
(Madeline's mother Patricia Schreiber on the left)


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