Coaching with Maddy.

I work with community-driven musicians, performers and creators who may feel stuck, overwhelmed, held back by a persistent Inner Critic, Perfectionism, People-Pleasing or are unclear as to where to next channel their creative forces.

Through confidential, compassionate, courageous 1-on-1 conversations, I offer a safe place to explore possibility, to get curious about long-held stories and assumptions about ourselves or the world around us, to ponder questions we rarely get asked in our day-to-day conversations... Ultimately, a "pause" moment in the time-space continuum where you can connect more deeply with the infinite well of creativity and resourcefulness you have access to as a human. 


I came to this fulfilling work through burning out as a full-time self-managed musician and performer. My body was screaming at me to slow down, but I didn't listen until finally, half way through a 6-week solo tour, my back went out! In the silence of the break of my regular patterns of overachieving, pushing my physical limits, stuffing my emotions and other patterns I'd developed in order to cope with life, I connecting with transformative coaching >>> This work taps into deep listening, intuition and vision to access the innate resourcefulness, creativity and wisdom in each of us. Potent shit!

I'd love to hear from you. The first step is a complimentary "Exploratory Sesh" where we can get a feel for whether we're a good match and if my coaching style and approaches could be of value to you. A chance to ask any questions about the process, logistics, or talk about specific goals or roadblocks or frustrations, to see how I might approach working with you.

"I don't know where I'm going from here,
but I promise it won't be boring."

 –David Bowie 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do as your Life Coach?

I listen deeply to you, and ask you questions that help you get in touch with your innate resourcefulness, and uncover steps you'd like to feel free to step forward in your life. Through regular sessions, I follow up with you on those steps and discoveries and we work together to adjust and shift as you learn more about what you would Love to see happen and how you'd love to show in the world. As I get to know you and your visions and values better, I get to encourage you to continue growing into the next evolution of your humanity. That might be something as simple as inviting you to slow down for a few moments to celebrate something you just realized about yourself, or as big as challenging you to step more boldly into your power in some area of your life. I hold our 1-on-1 sessions together as sacred and will never ever discuss anything you share with me, including your name as one of my coachees.

Some reasons you might work with a Life Coach:

•You're Human  •You'd like to focus and get motivated around a particular project or goal  •You're longing for something but you're not sure what  •You're going through a Life transition & would like some support  •You crave more meaning and purpose in your life  •You know there's something more but you don't know where to go from here  You've had an idea you're excited about for a while but you haven't really acted on it yet  •You've struggled with addiction, inaction, self-doubt, loud self-talk aka "Inner Critic", limiting beliefs gettin' ya down, or just know you can feel better than you do...


Love & high kicks,


 About Moi

" This is me in a nutshell... 'Help! I'm trapped in this nutshell!' "

 –Austin Powers 

I always dread writing bios and it was only recently that I figured out why: The practice of reducing down 37 years of my life so far on this planet to 3 paragraphs and committing them in pixel form to the Internet, feels like being trapped in a nutshell.

I grew up in Western Canada with two younger sisters and two playful, funny, wise, supportive parents in a small log house my Dad built, by the Fraser River in Quesnel, BC.  My first experience with loss was at age 5 when we lost the farm to the bank. We moved around a lot after that, and I'm grateful to have lived in the city and the country growing up. Since I was a kid, I've always loved the idea of Life as a continual process of life-long learning and discovery.  When I was a teen, I read something about "infinite potentiality" and it really stuck with me. It felt liberating to think that my potential was infinite!

But we live in a society that highly values specialization, and until recently I felt recurring shame on some level for jumping from passion to seemingly-unrelated passion rather than "sticking to one thing."  I now realize (thank Goodness) that the rich life experience I've been blessed with so far, including traveling the world through my now 13-year-long music journey, always guided my big heart and a love of humans, has brought me to who I am now. Everything I've seen and done and felt let's me appreciate the complexity and beauty of Life from my own absolutely unique angle.


My compassion, my ability to embrace polarities, and to cut through bullshit to the essence of things, allows me to be a super grounded, present, respectful and non-judgemental ally for the fellow Humans I work with as a Life Coach.

Now, Maddy trapped a Nutshell...

Life Coach, Musician, and Multipotentialite Madeline Tasquin lives in Oakland California with friends and in her spare time loves to go swing dancing, write songs, practice juggling & stilt-walking, and talk to strangers. She holds a degree in Architecture from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and has traveled all over the world as a solo musician and bandleader since moving to the Bay Area in 2006. 

Madeline loves language as much as she loves music… she speaks English and French, is working on her Spanish and German, and can say Thank You in 16 languages so far. 

Life Coaching is a direction that feels both new and completely organic and natural progression from everything, the good and bad, that came before. 


“Trust is not something I do automatically or easily... to be able to share in the moment and for you to hold a non judgmental, nurturing space so I could process things was an incredible gift.”


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Pricing & Payment

While I'm completing my Coaching for Transformation certification program with Leadership That Works, I'm offering a Sliding Scale payment structure of $10-$100 for coaching sessions lasting 45-60 minutes.  I won't ask to see proof of your income, so please use the Honour System and the following guideline to choose how much dough to offer me for our time together.

Guidelines in choosing what to give me for my time:

If you are a low-income musician, self-supporting artist, single parent or self-employed person with a tight budget, please pay me whatever feels comfortable between $10-100 for this session. Take some time to reflect on the value the session gave you, and pick a number that feels good in your belly! Think of it as gift given, and you can be sure it'll come back multiplied!

If you have a full-time job or access to disposable income on a regular basis, please pay whatever you feel comfortable within the $40-100 range, knowing that paying towards the higher end of that range is helping to subsidize the low income earners like the independent hard-working musicians out there who are often paid in warm fuzzies & creative fulfillment. 



Payment is done AFTER our session is complete, so you can decide how much to pay withing the sliding scale, at that point.  I prefer to receive payments using Venmo to @Madeline-Tasquin but if you don't have Venmo, we can discuss those details in the Logistics section of our Discovery Session.


If you'd like to have access to regular behind-the-scenes creative process updates as a musician by becoming a part of my Patreon page, you support is welcome and appreciated! 


Attention music lovers!

Subscribe to my Patreon Page at the $10/month level and above, and receive coaching as perks for your ongoing support. For example, at the $10/month level,1 free coaching session (or music lesson) per year.

And if you'd just love to chip in to creating a monthly crowd-sourced creative budget for my independent heart-driven creative projects, join at $1, $2 or $5 per month and receive regular behind-the-scenes updates.


Merci beaucoup!


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