//  Based in: Oakland, CA
//  Active since: October 2016
//  Genre: Harmony-soaked Folk-Pop 
//  Years Active: November 2016 to present 
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"Naked &Free" – Live at The Independent, San Francisco
"The First Time Again" – Sarabande Garage Sessions
"Acorn & the Oak" – Live at Joshua Tree Music Festival


"Dear Someone" by Gillian Welch (arr. Red Molly)
"Future Telephone" – title track of Madeline Tasquin's 2017 EP


A sarabande is a dance in triple meter, described by Jesuit priest Juan de Mariana in 1609 as "so loose in its words and so ugly in its motions that it is enough to excite bad emotions in even very decent people." Fast forward four centuries, and Sarabande is a kindness-invoking, body-positive, laughter-loving group of very musical women with a mission to excite the best of humanity in everyone who hears them.

Early in 2018, bandleader Madeline Tasquin was helping her retired singer-performer mother with the project of sifting through her documentation of a 50-year long career in opera and performance, when she came across one particular gem: a publicity flyer for Sarabande, a trio of women that her mother was a part of in the 1970s. (see photo)

"The flyer read 'Elegance. Humour. Innovation. Beautiful music. Sarabande.' I got goosebumps," Madeline recounts, "and immediately knew that the long search for our trio's band name was over."  

Madeline Tasquin, Hannah Levy and Shiloh Parkerson, are three unique musical personalities who blend an unusual combination of experience, talent and artistry into something quite special. With their three powerful voices, Madeline at the helm on guitar, keys and ukulele, Hannah on bass and percussion, and Shiloh on flute and percussion, the trio weaves an exciting dynamic range from soul-soothing lullaby to rousing rhythm-driven pop anthem, always hung from a frame of Tasquin's moving vocal harmony arrangements.

Since forming in October 2016, their magical vocal blend, stage chemistry and innovative sound have charmed a lot of people, from attendees of intimate house concerts of their Summer 2017 "Lemonade Tour" in Northern California, to the larger crowds at the Joshua Tree Music Festival in October 2017 and a sold-out show at San Francisco's The Independent in January 2018.

 Sarabande publicity flyer, circa 1977
(Madeline's mother Patricia Schreiber on the right)
 Sarabande publicity flyer, circa 1977
(Madeline's mother Patricia Schreiber on the left)


2018.01.26 • The Independent San Francisco, CA

2017.10.07 • Joshua Tree Music Festival Joshua Tree, CA

2017.09.21 • The Uptown Oakland, CA *Leonard Cohen tribute

2017.08.12 • Shanty Shack Brewing Santa Cruz, CA

2017.08.10 • The Crepe Place Santa Cruz, CA

2017.08.07 • Live at KPFA Studios Berkeley, CA

2017.08.07 • St.Charles Saloon Columbia City, CA

2017.08.06 • Heartwood Institute Garberville, CA

2017.08.03 • The Peg House Leggett, CA

2017.08.02 • Oakland Secret Oakland, CA

2017.06.06 • The Uptown Oakland, CA

2016.12.18 • Ashkenaz Berkeley, CA *Leonard Cohen tribute

2016.10.28 • Amnesia San Francisco, CA

2016.10.06 • Elbo Room San Francisco, CA

2016.09.29 • Starline Social Club Oakland, CA


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