A Life of Song    

Welcome to the online home for some of the remaining audio, photos & video footage of Patricia Hodgins' over 50 year long performance career.


Mum and I had a lot of fun (with a healthy dose of technological frustration) in putting this together. Special thanks to Dave, the kind fellow who converted the VHS and other tape-based media into digital formats that I could use, even though technically he's retired!


Alas, most of the record of the early parts of her career were lost when she first moved back to Canada from London and had a milk crate full of reels stolen from her unlocked car!! Ayayay, c'est la vie. I'm so happy that there's some record of all her hours of stage time. We chose 4 videos and 4 audio recordings (with accompanying photo slideshows), which you can enjoy below, or by visiting Mum's YouTube Channel. I learned so much about performing from my brilliant Mum and I feel so proud to get this out there for all the world to see and enjoy. 


I didn't expect to get anything out of this but the final product, but along the way I stumbled across the perfect name for my trio with Hannah Levy & Shiloh Parkerson. Mum had a women's trio in the 1970s called Sarabande that I even went on tour with as a 6 m.o. infant. In some ways, I was responsible for "breaking up the band," so it makes sense to be the one to get it going again. You'll see promo flyers for Mum's Sarabande in the Audio Slideshows below. Enjoy!  (And if you're interested to hear my Sarabande, you can find us here.)

Enjoy! Share! Repeat! With love, Daughter Maddy.

 Live Videos 

 Performing as The Two Patricias
 at Richmond BC's Gateway Theatre 

 Patricia Rolston, Piano

 Performing another Two Patricias production at Chemainus Theatre, Chemainus BC on Vancouver Island.

 Patricia Rolston, Piano 

 VIDEO 3: Pacific231 Demo Video 
 Promo video for my duo with pianist Paul Dykstra 
 Circa 1988 

 Paul Dykstra, Piano

*mature content*  VIDEO 4: Helga Haus Frau *mature content* 
 Part of a skit for "After Dinner Cabaret" 
 for BC Forestry Conference, circa 1990 

 Lloyd Nicholson, Piano

 Audio Slideshows 

 Performing an evening concert at
Island Mountain Arts in Wells, BC.

 Mary Levine, Piano

 Singing with Prince George Symphony Orchestra 

 John Unsworth, director 

 Performing a selection of arias circa 1987

 Mary Levine, Piano

 Performing a noon hour recital (circa 2001) at Capilano University: Warlock, Wolf, Debussy, Hindemith, Poulenc

 Linda Falls, Piano

     Pat Hodgins • aka Pat Schreiber     



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 See more photos in the "Audio Slideshows" above