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Sarabande will be part of the beautiful artist lineup up for the SF Leonard Cohen Festival presented by Noise Pop at Swedish American Music Hall on November 10, 2019! Tickets are now available and WILL SELL OUT, so buy soon!  

EP, 2017

SINGLE, 2015

DEBUT EP, 2012




 BACKUP VOCALS well as the music of Dan Cantrell (CA), Furia (BE), Bixou Bixou (CA), La Famille Day (QC), Penny Opry (CA) & others not yet on Spotify... 

I've been harmonizing since I was a wee lass, and arranging/recording vocal harmony & backup parts is one of my favourite things in life. So, let me know if you need some vocals for your next recording project! I can record high-quality tracks from my mobile studio & send drafts & revisions, or come to you depending on the where and the when and the how!

Tell me about your project, and I'll get back to you ASAP! 

Award-winning music for kids (and former kids)


Musician for hire • Weddings, French-themed events, Private Parties

I have over 4 hours of cover song repertoire, including French music, jazzified pop songs from the 1960s & 1990s, and jazz standards.


I'm available for hire as a solo performer accompanying myself on guitar, or flying in duo, trio or full band formations. One such formation is "Bixou Bixou," a vocal harmony-happy French swing trio with George Cole on lead guitar & Kaeli Earle on upright bass. Check out our live album recorded February 2019 on Spotify, to be officially released on our annual winter tour in late 2019.

On one of my tours through Europe I had the honour of singing with composer Philippe Tasquin (no known relation) in Brussels. For a concert we put together at Cellule 133a, we collaborated on a song Philippe composed for a theatre production... I sang the part of the child:



performance coaching for solo artists & bands

voice lessons • vocal coaching • learn to harmonize

ukulele guitar piano auxiliary percussion 

songwriting • microphone technique • overcoming stagefright

consulting or hourly help with: tour booking,
tour management, tour and release promotion.


If you're one of those people who tends to juggle a lot in life, then I'm making an educated guess* that you might be craving greater balance, more time and space for what really matters to you, and deeper clarity on where to focus your light next.

*ask me how I know...

Life Coaching is a powerful partnership that I wish every human could experience in their lifetime. Working 1-on-1 in 40-min sessions over the phone, I get to help guide folks to their own inner wisdom on what's next in Life, their own resourcefulness on how to get there, and I get to offer the structure and accountability to support people in taking real steps towards developing and realizing their visions for their life on this beautiful planet we're all flying through space on.


From the simple but often daunting challenge of developing work habits that support self-care and longevity, to spending more time each week with your craft and less time watching screens, to taking the first tangible steps on an ambitious project you've been dreaming up, to courageously stepping outside a comfort zone into something you've been dying to try but are utterly terrified of failing at...  

Life Coaching is truly good stuff for anyone wanting to feel a little (or a lot) more alive.

My mission as a Life Coach is to help you feel that your Life Force is truly yours, and to help you integrate the parts of yourself that have been competing for your attention, so that you can connect more fully to your innate human badassery. You're powerful beyond measure! 

It's important to me to make my coaching accessible to people who want to be earning more money but could use some support to grow there. That's why I use a sliding scale fee system starting at the stupidly low amount of $15 for a 40-minute session, which is made possible by the fantastic folks who self-select to pay something closer to my full rate of $100 per session. 

Step 1: Send me an email letting me know your availability for a "Discovery Session"

Step 2: We jump on a "Discovery Session" call to connect, ask questions, and decide see if we're a fit.

Step 3: If we decide to work together, we schedule our first 3 over-the-phone coaching sessions,
and I'll be checking in along the way to make sure you're getting the most out of our partnership!


Where do we meet for coaching sessions?

Coaching is done over the phone or through a video call. So, no transport time or rush hour traffic to factor in, and you can attend our session from anywhere... on tour, the moon, your couch... anywhere where you have good reception of internet connection and a private distraction-free space.

Not sure just yet. What's the commitment?
Our sessions together would last 40 minutes. We meet once at first to scope out working together and decide whether or not to move forward. If it's a great fit and we decide to move forward, in order to support the most profound & lasting changes in your life I ask for a commitment of 6 sessions, preferably weekly, but to be completed within a max of 3 months. 

How did you get into Life Coaching, Maddy?

Why, thanks for asking! I came to Life Coaching after I reached a level of burnout in my music career that I had NOT seen coming. The signs had started showing up for quite some time in various ways (depression, addiction, escapism, general lacklustreness, frustration, wild fluctuations in motivation and mood), but it wasn't until my back went out while on a 6 week solo tour, that I finally paid attention! My body managed to tell me what my mind wouldn't hear: I needed to SLOW. THE. HECK. DOWN. I decided to take a step back from how I was doing things, and just make the space to listen to what was next.  In the space created by that decision, I began to realize that for several years I'd been breaking my back doing all the things I felt I was supposed to be doing (i.e. in order to be a successful and respected musician), and ignoring a lot of what was truly important to me.

With some time to rest, I began to naturally reconnect with my why's, both driving authentic expression in my music and performance, as well as the bigger picture of what makes me feel truly ALIVE.  I started to notice how many of the people around me – and in the artistic community in particular – were suffering from overwhelm, symptoms of burnout, apathy, depression, substance abuse, and you name it.  I had been drawn to Life Coaching for a while but I had stuffed that calling away, too readily buying the common bullshit that a person "should focus on one thing." When I decided it was not only OK but absolutely necessary to take a hiatus from my regular way of doing things, the vacuum created allowed my inner wisdom to flood in.  So, I gently and slowly stared following the breadcrumbs my "still small voice" kept leaving me and was led to discovering this powerful practice of Life Coaching. I was blown away with how perfectly the philosophy of coaching aligns with everything I believe about the nature of our reality, about each and every human's infinite potential to grow learn and love, about our miraculous brains & neuroplasticity, and about the deep and simple magic that can happen when we take the time to listen deeply to someone and see the creative power innate in them and in every one of us.


Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA, 2016.