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DEBUT EP, 2012

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Note to fans: After years of schlepping instruments about on tours to Europe, Canada, and the USA, Madeline's focus right now is the studio. Click the "TRACK ARTIST" button to be notified by email when she's performing again near you, and in the meantime, consider joining her Patreon page where you can hear from her each month with new songs, videos and behind-the-scenes news, polls, and musings...


 ...as well as the music of Dan Cantrell (CA), Furia (BE), Bixou Bixou (CA), La Famille Day (QC), Penny Opry (CA) & others not yet on Spotify... 

I've been harmonizing since I was a wee lass, and arranging/recording vocal harmony & backup parts is one of my favourite things in life. So, let me know if you need some vocals for your next recording project! I can record high-quality tracks from my mobile studio & send drafts & revisions, or come to you depending on the where and the when and the how!

Tell me about your project, and I'll get back to you ASAP! 

Award-winning music for kids (and former kids)


Musician for hire • Weddings, French-themed events, Private Parties

I have over 4 hours of cover song repertoire, including French music, jazzified pop songs from the 1960s & 1990s, and jazz standards.


I'm available for hire as a solo performer accompanying myself on guitar, or flying in duo, trio or full band formations. One such formation is "Bixou Bixou," a vocal harmony-happy French swing trio with George Cole on lead guitar & Kaeli Earle on upright bass. Check out our live album recorded February 2019 on Spotify, to be officially released on our annual winter tour in late 2019.

On one of my tours through Europe I had the honour of singing with composer Philippe Tasquin (no known relation) in Brussels. For a concert we put together at Cellule 133a, we collaborated on a song Philippe composed for a theatre production... I sang the part of the child:



The Voice • Ukulele • Guitar • Piano • Music theory • Songwriting • Learn to harmonize • Find your unique voice • Overcome stagefright • Microphone technique • Performance coaching

My philosophy:

We're born singing. It's as natural as talking or breathing, but over the years we're taught it's "only for professionals." Bullshit, I say! I believe musical expression is a human right and is a powerful tool for self-care and self-healing. The human voice is a versatile instrument that each of us can have access to if we're willing to adopt a beginner's mindset and take a look at some of the stories we've been taught about our voices.


My passion:

I'm passionate about working 1-on-1 with adult or young adult humans to help them find their own relationship to music and to unleash the power of their unique voice. My training as a certified Life Coach helps me adapt to each human's learning needs, to co-create sessions in a way that serves the individual musical goals of that person. My goal is to foster a sense of curiosity and courage that can grow and continue beyond our work together, because the realm Music is infinite and the possibilities are endless.

I also love working with professional musicians in 1-off or occasional sessions to share some of what I've learned from over 10 years as a full-time touring musician, from connecting with an audience and communicating with sound engineers, to booking and touring to avoiding burnout (ask me how I know!)